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Jeannette Petri

Corona Kitchen Diary – during Corona times

In our kitchen we had everything I needed for a “staying at home” isolation project: the sunlight & vegetables & fruits & flowers.

I love the colors, and to photograph every day the things we had around in our very small kitchen on the very small table- fruits & vegetables was a sort of meditation, my 30 minutes a day for me – to calm down – everything will be alright in these difficult times!


Jeannette Petri


Jeannette Petri studied photography and film at the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Offenbach. She had several artists in residencies in Paris, London etc. She worked for a long time on her project "Anattitude Magazine" to push forward women in Hip Hop culture. Now she is working for editorial, and corporate clients.


Frankfurt und Freiburg