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Marzena Skubatz


I was staying all by myself in my apartment during the COVID19 lock down. While I was staying at home I was trying to understand what was happening around me and inside of me. Photography became a tool that helped me not only to document the process but also trace my feelings and thoughts and to organize them. It was the only way for me to hold on to this contradictory and difficult time and to be able to grasp it.


While I felt like I‘m being part of an experiment that I haven‘t signed up for, photography helped me to keep going.


Marzena Skubatz


Marzena Skubatz is a freelance photographer living in Berlin and working worldwide. She has a Diploma in Photography from Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts and is a member of the international female database "Women Photograph“ and represented by „Laif“. For her personal projects she has spent most of her career investigating the identity of places on Iceland. She is interested in the relationship between human beings and nature. Her photographs has been exhibited internationally and published in Magazines such as The New Yorker, The Washington Post Magazine; The Wall Street Journal; SZ Magazin; brand eins; GEO Spezial and many more.