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Melina Mörsdorf

the Corona diaries

For her series, Melina Mörsdorf captured the everyday life of her family during the pandemic, as a coping mechanism with the unfamiliar and to prevent herself from overthinking. As long as everyone and everything around her exists, nothing can happen, everything is still there, at it’s place where it belongs.


Melina Mörsdorf


Melina Mörsdorf was born in Lübeck 1980. She studied visual communication at the HfbK Hamburg with Jitka Hanzlová, Gerd Roscher and Wilhelm Körner, and finished her studies with a diploma. After an internship at GeoSaison and several assistances for other photographers, she now lives and works as an editorial and portrait photographer in Hamburg. She worked for several clients such as ZEIT, Geo, Stern, emotion, Google, Mercedes Benz and others.